Circuits 7 & 8: Was: Prometheus Rising

Paul Hughes (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 11:35:07 PST

Eugene said:
>> I'd vote for the reality of the first six (he did have the
>> circuit as number six rather than seven, didn't he?), but I'm pretty
>> dubious about the others, except in the most limited sense. In many
>> respects I preferred John Lilly's model (in 'Center of the Cyclone')
>> the region beyond the fourth circuit.
>I hope I am not commiting St. bovicide when questioning claims as to
>reality of existance of such circuits, their analyzability via
>introspection and as of their mutability by any rituals.
>Besides of anecdotal, do we have any other evidence?

Questioning the validity of such circuits is a *healthy* thing to do.
In the end they are all models of very wild and strange stuff people
have experienced. Beyond pure statistical improbability of my
experiences being a conicidence I have experienced "teleportation" while
asleep that correlated exactly with what I saw hours later in the waking
world. The experience was so exact that I have since kept an open mind
regarding the possible existence of a Circuit 8.

I like John Lilly's models of such states because he treats them more as
a continuum than a discrete set like Leary's 8 circuit model. :-}


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