Re: THE SPIKE in America - Not!

Anders Sandberg (
09 Feb 1998 23:16:55 +0100

"Michael M. Butler" <butler@comp*> writes:

> Anders--I can think of two possible meanings for your utterance.
> Before I try to reply, did you mean "I wonder how they become (or stay)
> stupid or irrational"? Or did you mean "I wonder how they wind up
> holding the positions/power/occupations/influence they do"?
> Or were you just blowing off steam, and I should be quiet?

All of the above :-)

Although I think the question is interesting and relevant: how can we
avoid becoming as irrational or stupid as others, and are there useful
ways of helping people out of such states?

A lot of stupidity is just lack of education/experience in thinking
and acting, a simple lack of knowledge about how the world and oneself
works. That can be dealt with to some extent. A more worrying form is
when it becomes a self-supporting belief system, actively preventing
the victim from waking up. Are there any really good ways of
undermining such schemata?

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