Re: META: This is the Extropian List

Prof. Gomes (
Mon, 09 Feb 1998 16:54:36

I, personally, agree, but not completely...

Yes, because if there is not a certain moderation, a 'natural deviation
tendency' may grow and grow...

And no, because it's very important to know Extropians' opinion about SOME
'daily' facts..: Any movement that is exagerately closed in itself tends to
disappear or become secondary... And it is not what we want to
Extropianism... Got it, young babies???... ( Just learn a little more about
Political Sciences, Sociology and even Philosophy... always, if you want
to ...).


At 12:32 08/02/98 -0500, you wrote:
>It seems like many people posting to this list have forgotten what sort
>of list this is supposed to be. There are certain kinds of topics this
>list was intended to discuss (not President Clinton's alleged sex-affair
>or government conspiracies). Topics outside the scope of this list
>should be discussed outside this list. There are many other mailing
>lists and chat-rooms to discuss such things.
>Also, this is an *Extropian* list, which means that extropians are
>reading it. Extropians tend to prefer things of high quality (one could
>even think of Extropianism as the quest to increase the quality of the
>universe). I don't think most of us want to read the low-quality
>postings that come through every day. You know what I'm talking about:
>the one or two line response, the posts that ramble on aimlessly,
>argumentative or insulting posts, etc. Just because we're interested in
>life-extension doesn't mean we want to use our extra time reading inane
>or unthoughtful posts. We are extropians, after all; our time is
>valuable to us.
>So, please, before you send anything to this list, ask yourself if other
>extropians *really* are going to be interested in what you write. If
>not, don't send it. Just send the good stuff, well-organized,
>well-thought-out and well-written. Please don't send impulsive
>one-liners or insults or incoherent ramblings; restrain yourself.
>Thank you,
>David Musick (
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