Transcedo update & European Cryo Network

Berrie Staring (
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 13:30:55 +0100

Dear all,

Yesterday we had a meeting; and in relation to my last mail
I thought you would like to know what we are up to.

1. We all will offer our help to the WTA of Nick and the new site
of Natasha.......... (so, both...just give us a call :-)

2. Arjen Kamphuis, will give a presentation to a group of "free-thinkers"
about Transhumanism (maybe we will get some new members)
We noticed that our posts in "" (a newsgroup) are not
getting us new members (which I personally think is very strange, if
there is one group that should be interested.....)

3. We will work on a poll, regarding the willingness of Hospital and
to assist on a Cryo-transport.

4. We will start to work on a European version of a Cryo-Network.
So, all Europeans interested, please drop a note !

Keep you posted..........

Best regards,

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