MMB's Guide to the HPM (was Re: Belief System Management)

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Sun, 08 Feb 1998 19:26:34 -0800

I don't consider the Avatar materials a hodgepodge, especially when
contrasted with Erhard's more primitive approach. Real usable technology
doesn't have to announce that it's a tool :) .

I have a taxonomy of the human potential movement; in my view many
splinters had something at least slightly better than what came before.

NOTE: The chart below doesn't mean that the evolution really progressed in
this way, it's based on observed characteristics of materials and
And I'm not finding fault with Taoism or Zen, OK? :)


Taoism Hinduism Buddhism Zen...
...MUCH time passes...
Objectivism ...ZON
Dianetics Scientology (very rigid)
...est (rather rigid) ...the Forum
...Leary Lilly R. A. Wilson (chem assist?)
...NLP (as by Grinder & the Andreases)
...LaBerge's Lucid Dreaming work
...Lifespring (less rigid than est)
...the Sage Experience (REAL humor?!? wow!)
...Warrior With Heart (serious Sage)

Concluding, at present, with:
...Avatar (no/vanishingly small dogma, self-paced, no cult... what a relief!)


At the risk of being slaughtered by someone from CSICOP, I think every one
of the things I listed has some value in personal transformation.

I also think every one of them has room for improvement, and I do not
advocate any of them for everyone.

Of course, I have direct personal experience of all the above except for
Scientology and the Forum. :)

My view: Avatar is the least messed-up of all. How's that for a sterling
endorsement? :)

Oh, btw, Avatar costs a lot of money. I'll let you know when I'm ready to
let you give it to me. :)


>Funny, when I browsed their site, they seemed to me to be an offshoot of the
>EST 'technology'. All sorts of interesting hodgepodges are cropping up, it
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