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<<You don't mention if you've done the exercises or not. If you do all
the exercises you will be even more impressed. Two other excellent
books for playing around with your viewpoint are _Shaving the Inside
of Your Skull_ by Mel Ash and _Undoing Yourself_ by Christopher

Estacado: please tell me more about Mel Ash!

I have practiced most of the exersizes in Prometheus rising. But the
most powerful (non-drug) technique I have yet for metaprogramming is
Christopher Hyatt's "Undoing Yourself".

Having practiced his techniques for more than 7 years now, I have yet to
find any more powerful. I have however refined his techniques
SUBSTANTIALLY. I can now "energize" myself at any time or place I want,
regardless of what I'm doing. It's ability to reduce or eliminate
anxiety and other pesky neurosies always amazes me.

Over the last 5 years, I have taught over 200 people my particular
technique, so anyone wishing to find out more, please feel free to
e-mail me.

Paul Hughes>>

I think that Mel Ash studied/practiced Zen as a way to overcome
alcoholism. His book _Shaving the Inside of Your Skull_ is packed
full of exercises that may help you to get rid of beliefs that no
longer serve you(which tends to be most beliefs).
I would be very interested in learning of your additions to Hyatt's
techniques. If you found his philosophy in _Undoing Yourself_ enlightening
you may want to visit for a more detailed
philosophy concerning the potential of human beings.
Have you studied Chaos Magic? (Similar to the methods of Hyatt).