Re: In Praise of >H ExI Women (was: Where are the Women?)

Hara Ra (
Sat, 07 Feb 1998 17:15:04 -0800

Natasha V. More (fka Nancie Clark) wrote:
> >Seems to me the guys posting on this thread have omitted a very important (to guys) aspect of all these powerhouse women, which is <available?>, ahem...
> Excellent suggestion Hara Ra, but in deference to all, I'll be discrete on
> this point. But for someone else who has the motivation, I think this is a
> darn-good idea.

I agree that "outing" available Exi women would be disrespectful.
I would also mention that I have twice been approached by private
email by Exi women and after some private email correspondence,
did indeed meet with them face to face... This is just to say,
guys, that Exi women *do* let Exi guys know if they are
interested. Now, your challenge is to grow up enough, (ie, learn
what it is that attracts the Exi women) so you *will* be
approached. Good luck!

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