Monthly memory giveaway - now win up to 64 Megabytes of Memory!
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 20:43:41 -0800

For the February 1st Drawing, our grand prize winner of the
64MB Memory is

Michael Rowe of Akron, OH

You could be the next lucky winner!

The Memory Broker has increased it's prizes. Every month
we will select 3 random winners from our contest database.
The First Place winnner (i.e. first name drawn) wins an incredible 64Mb of RAM, 2nd place wins 32MB of EDO RAM, and the third lucky winner gets 16MB of RAM. You can also apply the winning memory as credit towards a future order.

No purchase is necessary to win. Winners are selected by a random drawing, so the more times you enter (once per day only please), the better your chances to win!

Enter Now at

Good Luck!

The Memory Broker Inc.