In Praise of >H ExI Women (was: Where are the Women?)

Natasha V. More (
Sat, 07 Feb 1998 12:11:41 -0600

Ok, I'm still going ...

And, of course Dr. Sharon Presley who runs Resources for Independent
Thinking, and Dr. Aileen Foreman who bestows keen insight, or Gail Henson
who founded an extropian dinner group in Orange County, Pam Feeley whose
agency finds jobs for temps, Kara Heward who is the charming sis of Abe,
attachtive Aniko, Mary Margret who is a energy-packed cryonicist, Gayle
Pergamit who co-authored _Unbounding The Future_, not to mention the women
at Bio-Preservation, Inc....

At 12:24 PM 2/6/98 -0600, Max Hunter wrote:

>I agree with the recent comments by Natasha Vita More, this group
>if full of highly intelligent people all going down their own paths
>with zeal. Surely, practical (and marketable) ideas can find their
>birth here.

Thanks. Excuse me for not mentioning at least 50 other women who are members
of ExI, whose privacy I'll respect (and who do not post on the list).

>As I can think of no enhancement that could possibly make Natasha
>more perfect than she already is ...

An ability to archer cupid's arrow into the hearts of those looking for love
-- (or at least a Million Dollar "bull's-eye" to finance the capitalization
of extropian powerhouse women. -:)

At 01:39 AM 2/6/98 -0800, Hara Ra wrote:

>Seems to me the guys posting on this thread have omitted a very
>(to guys) aspect of all these powerhouse women, which is

Excellent suggestion Hara Ra, but in deference to all, I'll be discrete on
this point. But for someone else who has the motivation, I think this is a
darn-good idea.

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