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Fri, 06 Feb 1998 19:08:44 +0100

Estacado66@AOL.COM wrote:
> In a message dated 2/5/98 3:16:25 PM, you wrote:
> <<I've just completed reading "Prometheus Rising" by Robert Anton Wilson -
> and I am *very* impressed and inspired by that book.>>
> You don't mention if you've done the exercises or not. If you do all

I've started doing a few of them and I'm planning to try each and every
one (more or less seriously, of course). It's just a matter of time...

> the exercises you will be even more impressed. Two other excellent
> books for playing around with your viewpoint are _Shaving the Inside
> of Your Skull_ by Mel Ash and _Undoing Yourself_ by Christopher
> Hyatt.

Thanks - I've put them on my reading list (I currently have a pile of
books that I'll read one by one, plus the stuff I want to read for
University... seems like I've become the prototype of a student ;-) )


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