COUNT ON ME ! Re: Where are the Women? & WTA & Cryonics

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Thu, 05 Feb 1998 19:34:38

At 15:57 05/02/98 +0000, you wrote:
>I think it _is_ important to increase the appeal of the transhumanist
>philosophy to women. We've been thinking a bit about how the WTA
>could contribute that, so far without any very definite conclusions.

Okay...>> let us make a directed marketing... but without putting down the
global level of discussions...
I say that 'cause the list is not closed to them... the great majority
simply does not get interested in things that involve a deeper or more
serious menthal work... with some exceptions, f.ex. the gals in this list...

>One good way, I think, would be to capitalize on the women we
>already have (sorry for this way of phrasing it...). I mean, there
>are female contributors to this list, for example, who could serve as
>superb role models -- sucessful, strong, creative, confident. It
>is much easier to assimilate a philosophy if there is a person you
>admire who embodies it.

I, IMHO, agree....

> And it would show that transhumanism is not
>just abstract words but also something that can be _lived_.

I, IMHO, disagree...just 'cause:

1--> Transhumanism IS NOT 'just abstract words'... Possibly it shoud de
better say: more 'intelectually accessible'... what is diff. from abstract...

2--> The presence of women is indifferent to the abstraction or
concreteness level of the discussions (to be discussed...)... it may be
important just to having more the simple presence of theirs... what is
always a pleasure...

3--> The great majority of women must be humbler... and accept better the
almost unavoidable (and always positive) critics that will be done to their
opinions, AS are done to any other person... be male or female... ( when
I'm talking about exact sciences, I WILL NOT anyway week a concept just
because I will transmit it to a woman... Instead, I would be considering
her less capable than she really is...>>> Mr T. A. Edson said that a
genious is 10% of inspiration and 90% of transpiration... in other words
>>> the menthal capabilities must also be exercised...not just the butt and
the legs - what, in particular, attract me v'ry much...WOOW.. )

>It might also be true that there are some issues which are more
>"male" and some that are more "female". Perhaps, on average, men are
>comparatively more interested in molecular nanotechnology and women
>in, say, new forms of interpersonal relations. If that is so, then
>one could try to give more coverage to these "female" topics. (Or
>prehaps, I am just prejudiced.)

Well, well... do not know...
I also participate in a discussion list named 'european sociologists'
<>...and if there are not more men, they
are tied in number... Men, in general, naturally get well succeded in what
they want to... women too, when get ineterested in... ( their formation
unconsciously leads, in general, to accomodation and existencial
ociousness... When there is necessary a real result so that the bridge
really DO NOT fall... they call a man... unless they are woken up to
this... got it up ???)
The women should do their work and bring such topics to discussion... I
really hate some of theirs's tendency of ALWAYS being just 'laid with legs
opened' waiting for us to do something... They also know how to do a lot of
movements and 'jobs' tooo... hehehe... If the related topics survive in the
natural intellectual process... When my product is good and I am interested
in selling it, I will have to fight for it...
( I am just being intentionally too rigid... F.ex: If they - in general -
were really more independent, an idiot model whose name I do not remember
now, would not be trying to process that guy ( if I'm not wrong, that who
died with Dy...), just because 'he promised to marry her' and did not do
that.. fuck her!!! go her learn how to get money honestly !!! and worse...
The Law just permits such ridiculousnesses... )

>The goal is to increase the outreach to include extropians and also
>those transhumanists who do not accept all features of extropian
>transhumanism. One important goal is to bring transhumanism to
>academic respectability

Great! >>> and there will be really necessary a lot of marketing !!!!
Because in a wider level, folks must be conducted to the 'right direction',
which IS NOT necessarily the workless OR EASIER one...

>>What I would like to contribute on, is the translation of
>> all these idea's, opinions and research to the majority.
>...which is another main goal, perhaps the most important one.


>Nick Bostrom
>London School of Economics
>Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method

PS1: Our female partners have still a lot to learn... and evolute... I'm
not a machist anyway... I just observe and feel them deeper... And, if I
were an emmotional, would also feel lots of times intellectually alone when
searching for female's company... The solution is almost always 'to adapt'
the level(s) of discussion... A personal obs.: With my actual wife ( the
3rd, legally) there is not such problem: She was one of my students....and
was approved on my battery of tests... hehehe...