Re: Where are the Women? & WTA & Cryonics

Berrie Staring (
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 11:01:00 +0100

Dear all,

I thought a lot about these aspects. To me they have a
very obvious relation, and I've try to make this point several
times. Please read this contribution as intended, I don't want
to "ride" along on somebody else his effort............

I have this discussion a lot with members of Tanscedo,
members of the CroNet and other private mail. I think we
have to actively spread the positive meme. I usually refer
to our introduction page as "cold", but we will not change
it, since we have to stick to the facts and worry about
scarring of the true academic-world. They want cold hard
facts and like to speculate along the way. This has an
obvious reason. You want to keep the people aboard
who really know what is going on.

Still, you want to function as a group in this society.
The society is everything but "cold", it's dynamic and
does a lot based on emotions. (which we "hate" because
they so often contradict with what we would like to achieve
based on facts). I think the majority refers to "us" as
science-"fiction"-nerds. Hooked up in their own fantasy and
not living in the real world. And if they do look at what we
"picture" for them, they see this "Cyberpunk" world, with lots
of wire's, computers and biotech "monsters"......
And since they don't have the scientific background (and in
relation to that the required imagination) to cope with it,
they want to stay as far a way as possible. Also they
will strongly influence the political-opinion.
(see cloning debate)....

Since I often offered my help here, I noticed people are wondering
if "they" should accept it. For clarity, I don't have a Ph.D. nor
do I have the University diploma's required to really grasp what
is going on. (nanotechnology is for me, gluing balls together :-).
No serious, I know a lot of a lot, but not much of some specific things.
And I think this goes for more people. The digital-generation is
eager to incorporate the new technology in their life, but they
can't grasps it to the full extend as a lot of you can.

So what do I think I can contribute:
I plead strongly for an organization that educates people
"all of them". People like to think in visuals. Let's paint them
this beautiful future that is coming. Let's show them that there
is a real chance to make some thing out of this: with the environment
, the world hunger, war. Not by shutting down science and go back
to basic "this favorite spiritual mantra", but by embracing the new
technology's for the good things they bring. Yes realistic and Yes,
we look at the side effects of what comes along with them.
I think if Extropie & Transhumanism want to grow to a well known
and respected philosophy (accepted as a realistic bunch of
people by the world of science) we do have to work on Marketing.
......and that's were I come in ;-)

I think what Nick is doing is great and I will offer again all my
help. What I would like to contribute on, is the translation of
all these idea's, opinions and research to the majority.
To gain the benefit of the doubt. I'm realistic, I don't expect "them"
to join by the 1000nds. According to a lot of you, Jim's book the
"The First Immortal" can do a lot for Cryonics. I say, let's use
this moment to actively make use of this and present an
institute were people can learn more. Try to find company's
who would like to pay a fee for visibility and an active lobby for
the fields they are working in to be accepted. Although this
could mean "we" have to present our selves a bit less radical.
But for the sake of the good cause.........

I mean. So often we discuss here that "they got it all wrong...again!"
But, shouldn't we try to do something about it. Present the alternative.
Make them aware there is a realistic chance on a great future.
I think you have to educate them in steps. So don't trough directly,
uploading at their feet :-), it scares the hell out of them.......

I guess it sounds a bit like founding a new religion and some
of it may also sound very idealistic. I am also aware of the
fact that many of you have already tried lot's of things and that
what I say here probably isn't all that new. But I think I feel
a "vibe" :-). There is a lot going on, I think if we harness the
"power" that is here in all of us, we could pull of a organization
for the future.

Anyway I am more then willing to do my part, focussing on
Marketing the issue's, educating people, look actively for
sponsors, etc..... all those things, not so heavily relying on
scientific knowledge. Building this Worldwide Transhuman Vision.

Again: my intentions are pure, positive and open.
So, if you "all" feel this is a waste of time, stick to what you
do best.......and go back to school :-)..........I accept it
with out a problem. I do feel very passionate for "everything"
that goes on here, I think it has a fundamental truth that
should be shared to all who are willing to listen. We have a
great chance to actually build a great future and I would like
to be a part of the building process. I think there is a lot of
room for an organization, that holds the alternative for all the
others (e.g. religion, and other spiritual groups)

Anyway, I am very eager to learn all your opinions...........


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