Where are the Women? (was :Subject: Extropian Gatherings)

Paul Hughes (organix@hotmail.com)
Thu, 05 Feb 1998 00:24:17 PST

You may have much better luck if you add "gay" to the description.
There are very few extropian women out there, and chances to recruit
more anytime soon do not seem great. I think we need to clone some

- Sasha, who avoids dating the mundanes, and stays single.

My Response:

I love when I get the oppurtunity to play devil's advocate, and such an
oppurtunity this is.

Has anyone ever wondered *why* there are so few extropian females? What
does this say about extropians? What is it, either about our
philosophy (basically sound) and our communication (needs work), that is
a turn off to so many women who would otherwise be sympathetic?

I can think of at least 4 women who I personally know who want to live
forever, increase their potential and explore the greater cosmos as much
as all of us. So why do they feel so uncomfortable when I have given
them extropian writings?

I'll tell you why. Many of you will scoff at their reasons. But your
reasons for scoffing lie at the root of their distaste. Bottome Line:
Too many extropians put too much emphasis on certain aspects of their
self, particularly their reasoning abilities and scientific knowledge,
at the expense of the rest of your being. Many of you on this list have
such high intelligence (the narrow one measured by IQ tests) that you
have unfortuantely let the other equally important aspects of you self

I too consider myslef an extropian. Unfortuantley I don't limit myself
their. The extropoian principles layed out by Max More are some of the
best written words underlying my life philosophy. But I have also
learned how to live beyond words, and equations and abstract concepts.
There is a whole universe out their just waiting to be lived in and
experienced. At some point, many of you need to stop thinking cosmic
thoughts and start living them. How many of you excersize on a regular
basis? How many of you spend quality time outdoors *regulary*? How
many of you have gone out on a date? If you havn't found any
"extropian" women at heart, then you arn't looking in the right places.
Besides, Sasha, who wants a clone of yourself to talk to on very
specific subjects that only you are interested in? Don't you like
surprises? Part of the joy of living and especially of being involved
with another person is the surprises they offer you in ideas and
perspectives. Take a chance - date somebody who is *not* an extropian
- you might be surprised that they really are, they just approach it
from a very different semantic point of view. This has been my

A true extropian philosophy embraces surprise, novelty, and fresh
perspectives. Meeting people can be scarry - but as extropians can we
afford to be scared? Isn't our philosophy all about surpassing such
limiting states as fear of the opposite sex?

--> A true extropian philosphy is one that should appeal to both sexes
equally- a transexual philosophy.. Since it isn't, perhaps we need to
re-asses how it can. IMHO, a future without a womens touch is no future
at all.

Warm Regards,

Paul Hughes

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