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Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 04 Feb 1998 18:14:14 -0500

Anton Sherwood wrote:

> Dan <> writes
> : .... I suppose there will
> : always be people eating food from gardens, but as more and more
> : preservatives are being added to our food, artificial selection will favor
> : those with the higher tolerances for such additives. Those who are less
> : able to survive such chemicals will set a darwinian example, so to speak.
> : Maybe mercury will actually be pretty tasty in five hundred years.
> Believe it or not, Poul Anderson already thought of that
> in a story titled (iirc) "Starfog".

H. Beam Piper thought the same thing about radiation. He wrote one time travel
story in which a future dictator escapes a coup in a time machine to the past
(the 20th century) where he is treated as a walking high level nuclear waste
site, because his ambient radioactivity level, that is entirely comfortable for
him, is deathly to others.


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