Re: Dick Armey: Scientist?

Keith Elis (
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 20:57:17 -0500

The cloning ban seems to be a knee-jerk response, a response that buys
some time for reactionary politics to get a handle on this issue.
Genetic engineering was merely a fantasy when most of these politicians
lost their imaginations, and now they are struggling to deal with the
implications of childhood daydreams come to life. My personal
experiences with law students, lawyers, and judges during the course of
my time here at school have validated my suspicion that few of the
people making the law are equipped to understand the current state of
technology, never mind the potentials ten years down the road. I spend a
good amount of time reading up on current research, but still I know
next-to-nothing. The people many trust to make, interpret, and change
the law know even less than I do. As the old legal adage goes, tough
cases make bad law.

And the cases are only getting tougher.

Hagbard Celine
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