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Holger Wagner (
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 23:14:38 +0100

=- deluxe -= wrote:
> I'll tell you why I'd like to think of hemp as a (pardon the cliché)
> transhuman tool because at the root of my personal transition are the
> creative ideas which forge and inspire my visions of a future culture.

I've tried a few different drugs (both synthetic and natural), and I do
consider them a "transhuman tool". Still, I don't think it makes a lot
of sense to do the same drug again and again. Once you've played around
with certain "experiences", it gets quite easy to "remember" them
whenever you want to, which gives you almost the same effect as when
you've actually taken the drug.

This works quite well with hallucingenics, which hemp more or less
belongs to.

By doing so, I avoid negative physical side-effects as well as terror
from bureaucrats ;-)


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