Arthur C. Clarke DENIES REPORT

Ian Goddard (
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 14:24:01 -0500

Famous science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke,
author of the sci-fi epic "2001: A Space Odyssey,"
denies the shocking report published in a British
tabloid, the Sunday Mirror [1], that he admitted
to the Mirror that he was a pedophile. As the
Associated Press (2/2/98) just reportED [2]:

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) -- Science
fiction author Arthur C. Clarke today
denied a British tabloid's claim that
he is a pedophile and asked that his
knighthood ceremony be postponed so
not to embarrass Prince Charles.

"I am outraged by the Sunday Mirror's
allegations, and I am seeking legal
advice," Clarke said in a statement
read to reporters by his secretary,
Roshan Amarasekhara.

"Mr. Clarke is very upset by the
false reports," Amarasekhara added.

Take the "Arthur C. Clarke admits he was a pedo-
phile" report with a very big grain of salt. Re-
member CNN's "Goddard admits TWA 800 theory was
a hoax" hoax
I suspect and seriously hope that Clarke has been
set up rather than that these charges be true.

The Mirror article sounds bad, but it could be
a pack of lies. The Mirror reporters could have
just made up everything. Where's the proof that
he said that the Mirror claims he said? Without
a recorded interview, this report has no legal
and thus very little weight. When we consider
that making such shocking charges stands to
sell a lot of newspapers, we can say that
Mirror had a motive to fabricate.

I cannot imagine that Arthur C. Clarke, even
if the charges were true, would say what he's
alleged to have said. We need to wait till
we get all the facts before we can pass our
personal judgement on Arthur C. Clarke.

IF the story is true I still respect the great
contributions the man has made to society, but
would strongly condemn such sexual behavior. I
think that because all adults are inherently
authoritarian figures to all children, that the
concept of "consensual adult/child sex" is in-
herently and fatally flawed, since any alleged
consent of the child cannot be determined in
light of the fact that the authoritarian rela-
tion inherently contains an intimidation factor.

[1] SUNDAY MIRROR: Arthur C. Clarke - It Doesn't
Do Any Harm ...Most Damage Comes From Fuss Made
By Hysterical Parents. 2/1/98.

[2] ASSOCIATED PRESS: Author Clarke Accused
of Pedophilia. By Dilip Ganguly, 2/2/98.

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