Extro self-description

Damien R. Sullivan (phoenix@ugcs.caltech.edu)
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 11:15:33 -0800 (PST)

Today's discoveries:

* Greg Stock's _Metaman_, (1993)
* That I can smell an extropian within two paragraphs. (Never mind
recognizing the name.)
* That I can't easily say what extropians are.

My advisor lent me his copy, which Stock had given him at some
conference at UCLA last month. I mentioned having seen or heard of him
on the extropians list. My advisor asked me what 'extropians' was. But
I can't echo the Five Capitalized Principles, and my hash of
extropianism as a rejuvenated Enlightenment feels fine as a hash, but
pretentious as an explanation to someone who doesn't know about it. So
I fell back on "technophilic futurist libertarians". Later I thought
that "optimistic technophiles who know evolution, economics, and the
fact that the two are nearly the same thing" might have been better. I
suppose self-transformation should be worked in, although I think I'd be
more comfortable with 'adaptive'.

-xx- GCU Mangyn of Chaos X-)

"Undoutedly there is meanness in all the arts which ladies condescend to
employ for captivation..."
Miss Bingley was not so satisfied with this reply as to continue the
-- Jane Austen, _Pride and Prejudice_, Mr. Darcy