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>Eric Lerner in "The Big Bang Never Happened" provided a logical
>(to me) alternative explanation to the physical evidence that is
>purported to identify black holes...that is...trans galactic
>electrical currents producing enormous magnetic fields which cause
>the same effects as Quasars...(massive energy release...jets..etc)

First of all let me admit that I haven't read Lerner's book and I think it's
possible that electrical effects have been underestimated when explaining
large scale structures in the universe, but unless he says where the energy
came from to produce the gargantuan electrical currents needed then he's just
kicking the problem upstairs. Black Holes have no trouble explaining this,
gravitational collapse into a mathematical point will give you all the energy
you want.

>I still don't get how it's ok for faster than light "expansion" then
>but not now.

It's OK now. There may still be stars in the universe moving away from us
faster than light, it's just that their light will be redshifted by an
infinite amount so we'll never see it. Relativity doesn't say it's impossible
to move faster than light, it just says you can't send matter, energy or
information between two points faster, and an expanding universe does not do

>Or how conservaton of mass energy applies to anything which exits
>the universe thereby making the universe a NON closed system. Be it
>the purported black holes ...of quantum fluctuations producing
>hydrogen nucluei one at a time...evenly spaced everywhere...etc.

Quantum Mechanics has modified the law of conservation of mass energy, it is
passable to borrow mass energy from nothing, but you must pay it back, and
the more you borrow the shorter you can keep it.

John K Clark

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