Re: Re: More Open Universe(?)
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 11:33:18 EST

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<< Er, isn't this a bit of an over-simplification? I am not an astrophysicist,
however I vaguely recall reading a fair bit lately about head-scratching
over the initial era of expansion, and some suggestions (does the name
Linde mean anything?) that it was driven by a one-off particle which
subsequently disappeared behind an event horizon, creating yet another
universe, to repeat the process all over again ad infinitum >>

I missed that part.

But it seems to me that there is quiet a bit of "stretching" going on.

Eric Lerner in "The Big Bang Never Happened" provided a logical (to me)
alternative explanation to the physical evidence that is purported to identify
black holes...that is...trans galactic electrical currents producing enormous
magnetic fields which cause the same effects as Quasars...(massive energy

And I still don't get how it's ok for faster than light "expansion" then but
not now.

Or how conservaton of mass energy applies to anything which exits the
universe thereby making the universe a NON closed system. Be it the purported
black holes...of quantum fluctuations producing hydrogen nucluei one at a
time...evenly spaced everywhere...etc...