Re: The Most Evil Man In America's History -- J. Edgar Hoover
Mon, 2 Feb 1998 11:19:03 EST

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<< Hoover was soon 'hooked' on hard-core political pornography (including
'kiddie-porn' -- 90% of U.S. 'kiddie-porn' is under FBI or State control).

Really? Does that still apply?

<< If you read Hoover's -- aptly-named -- book 'the
Masters of Deceit', it's clear that he hates communism for all its
democratic and libertarian bits, ....>

What bits are those?

<<The extended authoritarian extreme-Right subculture of social control
freaks that Hoover spawned and bred _still_ plagues America (and American
'law-enforcement'; and American politics -- especially Republican
politics; and the media).>>

The "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy? Wing Media???????