Re: Chimp diet

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 02 Feb 1998 08:08:57 -0500

Craig Presson wrote:

> I don't have my references handy, so I can't give a quantitative
> picture, but I have a pretty good memory of what chimps in the wild
> have been observed to eat. Besides all the fruit they can stuff in
> their greedy little mouths, they eat regularly or opportunistically:
> * carrion
> * small animals
> * termites and other insects
> * grubs
> And on rare occasions, chimp, as has been pointed out.
> Mountain gorillas eat more greens than chimps do, and less animal
> flesh.
> This is pretty pointless, really, unless you're interested in primate
> diet for its own sake or just like to argue with militant vegetarians.
> Oh, and Gorilla gorilla is coprophagic, also -- his intestinal flora
> synthesize a B-vitamin that he can't synthesize otherwise. That might
> help dissuade the next person who insists we should be eating a gorilla
> diet.
> -- (Freeman Craig Presson)

I assume you meant eating what gorillas eat??