Re: Hemp

=- deluxe -= (
Sun, 01 Feb 1998 21:49:57 +0000

> A good point. Unfortunately the cannabinoids as they stand today seem
> to be rather crude tools for enhancing creativity. The studies above
> are not necessarily the last word, but they suggest that the
> cannabinoid induced creative experience may just a subjective
> experience of creativity, not something that actually produces more
> creative results (I admit that measuring creativity is at best hard
> and in itself somewhat subjective). We cannot trust our subjective
> experiences to reflect the objective world, we need to check them
> carefully.

It doesn't matter to me if some experiences seem only an illusion. The
resulting thoughts and actions are all I can measure. It seems that if I limit
my use of hemp to sessions where I'm exorcising my creative best, the results
are very productive and insightful. Often, I find myself almost too detail
oriented and as an art lover, its the details where I think some of the most
ingenious ingredients are found. I tolerate the obsessive nature of the

On a different tangent, I'd be willing to try a synthetic drug if I thought
that I could get similar results minus the negative effects of hemp. (oh yes,
there are undesirable side effects, the worst being dehydration)

As a neural scientist, what does hemp do that causes dehydration? Ever heard of
cotton mouth?? Are there herbal supplements that I can eat which would help
combat that effect??

jeff taylor