Re: US' NSA monitors all e-mail, telephone and FAXes in Europe

Harvey Newstrom (
Sun, 1 Feb 1998 01:42:01 -0500

At 12:55pm -0500 1/31/98, Harvey Newstrom wrote:
>This is the first public declaration I have seen that all e-mail,
>telephone and
>fax communications [in this case, for Europe] are routinely intercepted by
>the United States National Security Agency. I can provide no further
>information than what is already published elsewhere.

Sorry to set off so many people's Bullshit Meters. When I made that last
statement, I did not mean to imply that I was unknowledgeable on this
subject and could only quote other people's reports. I make my living by
consulting on telecommunications and computer security for private industry
and certain government projects.

Please read my statements more carefully.

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