Re: Moo/Boo! Was: Agricultural Skyscrapers

Peter C. McCluskey (
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 20:42:15 -0800 ( writes:
>2. Vegetarianism is extropian because it broadens and complicates our
>ethical perception of the world.

Complicating our perception doesn't sound like an extropian goal.
I only accept complexity when it's an unavoidable consequence of
my other goals.

>3. Vegetarianism is extropian because it is an ethical laboratory in which
>we can think about proper political and ethical relations between
>radically different kinds of beings *before* a singularity-like-event
>forces us to do so.

A good argument for thinking about it, but with no obvious relevance
to what we eat. ("Mark D. Fulwiler") writes:
>Frankly, I do not care what anyone on this list eats, but you do not
>need to eat meat.

I generally do care whether people on this list die unnecessarily.

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