Re: Meat eating

Anders Sandberg (
01 Feb 1998 01:20:16 +0100 writes:

> i dont think thats correct, they have a primarily vegetative diet, and
> sometimes they'll go on insane missions and kill other primates and eat them,
> sometimes their own kind, and they eat it raw, brains and all.

A bit like sheep, who enjoys eating newly hatched birds in
ground-level nests if they can find them (according to what I heard,
they need the calcium in their bones). Nature is full of opportunists
- no point in ignoring an available food source.

I find it amusing that many vegitarians rely on the myth that it is
natural to eat only plants, when they should acknowledge the
unnaturalness of their eating style with heads held high - they are
overcoming genes in favor of their own memes.

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