Re: Meat eating

Tony B. Csoka (
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 17:14:48 -0700

> Yet the chimpanzee, contrary to the claims of liberally blindered researchers,
> have been shown to prefer meat as a food source. Even Dr. Goodall has confirmed
> this. Since chimps are our closest existing relatives, I think that what some
> fruit sucking lemur does is a little less relevant. Better yet is what
> paleontologists find out about our ancestors like Home Heidelbergensis, Homo
> Antecessor,, or Proto-Homo Sapiens preferred for a diet.
Yeah, and rats will starve themselves to death given a choice between an
endless supply of cocaine or food.

To maximize your chance of making it to the singularity, the
transcension, or whatever, you really shouldn't eat meat. Not only is
the fat bad for you, but the amino acid composition of meat is unhealthy
( e.g. too much methionine, which increases plasma homocysteine levels,
a risk factor for heart attack).

Practically nobody with a blood cholesterol level below 140 ng/dl ever
gets cardiovascular disease, the number one killer in the western world.
The only way to reach this low level for most people is to consume _no_
cholesterol in the diet. This means eating _no_ animal products. Such a
diet also greatly reduces your chances of developing a lot of cancers,
the number two killer in the western world.

T. Benjamin Csoka