Hemp Seed (was: Meat Eating)

Ian Goddard (igoddard@erols.com)
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 13:12:21 -0500

Charlie Stross (charlie@antipope.org) wrote:

>On Thu, Jan 29, 1998 at 12:09:51PM -0500, Harvey Newstrom wrote:
>> So we should have the cows graze on the hemp. Cows will act stoned and
>> appear less intelligent. Cows will be happy and have an improved
>> quality of life. Cows will be more subdued and won't object to being
>> slaughtered. Everybody's happy.
>Aksherly, there's quite a bit of developmental evidence that the whole
>reason hemp produces THC and related compounds is because ungulents
>(like cows) _hate_ the stuff.

IAN: In fact hemp seed used to be a staple
food product for livestock. Some activists
in my area raised chickens on hemp seed,
which was legally acquired from China. They
did a video on it called "Refer Rosters."

The chickens ignored all other feed and
ran over each other to get the hemp seed.
In the video they show the feed trough with
hemp on one side and the regular feed on
the other side. All the chickens go only for
the hemp, and go crazy for it. (You can find
hemp seed in some bird food at pet shops.)

The chickens grew almost twice as large as
normal chickens and their meat was graded by
a USDA inspector as the best he's ever seen.
Hemp seed is simply unparalleled in quality.

The funniest thing was that they took the
"refer rosters" to a local police picnic.
The police where really chowing down on
the refer rosters when they learned what
the chickens were raised on. But, don't
worry, as I'll explain, the police were
spared any experience of euphoric bliss.

>On the other hand, hemp is farmed in the EU; it's not hard to breed a
>strain of cannabis sativa that produces no intoxicating substances
>whatsoever. (Although the cops tend to keep a close eye on farmers who
>have a license to grow the stuff, just to make sure it's an approved
>strain ...)

IAN: Most hemp has very-low THC, and I've heard
that in Japan there is a variety with no THC. :^(

However, the seeds of all varieties of cannabis
sativa and cannabis indica are 100% THC free.
THC is only produced on the outer surface of
the plant's leaves and flowering tops, found in
a clear sticky liquid exuding from leaf pours
and along and on top of small hairs where the
liquid builds up into little crystal-ball-like
"dew drops" called tricomes. This occurs most
significantly around the flowering tops, even
on the brackets that hold the seeds, but the
seeds themselves are 100% THC free as are all
interior parts of the plant, contrary to pop-
ular misconception.

People who smoke cannabis for getting high can
know it the pot is good by a simple visual in-
spection: if it has lots of the little crystal
tricomes appearing like salt on the surface of
the buds, it's good stuff, if not, it's weak.

The theory is that the plant uses the tricomes
as an insect and animal repellent, as they are
also high in terpinoids that give off a strong
smell and are toxic to insects, but not humans.
The tricomes are most prolific on the outer sur-
face of the flowering tops containing the most
important part of the plant, the reproductives.

One way that hashish is produced is having
people wearing leather clothing run through
fields of cannabis. The sticky tricomes on
the outer surface of the plants will stick
to the clothing and build up over time until
it can be scrapped off and rolled up into
balls of hashish, which is simply a mash of
almost pure tricomes, which is why it's so
much more psychoactive than the dried plant,
since only the tricomes on the outer surface
of the plant contain THC and the plant tissue
contains no THC. I did a report on cannabis
in high school is why I know a lot about it.

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