Re: Meat eating

Harvey Newstrom (
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 11:58:19 -0500

At 12:08pm -0500 1/30/98, Michael Lorrey wrote:
>Thanks Harv. This I guess is the point I keep forgetting why hunting is
>better than buying farmfed meat: Animal for animal, wild game is the lowest
>fat/lowest cholesterol protein source outside of plants. People say turkey
>is a good meat to eat. Wild turkey is even better, and venison is tastier
>and far healthier than even the leanest beef or pork that is specially bred.
>These wild animals get their exercise!

Turkey is an excellent example of this. Only a biologist would recognize
the wild bird as belonging to the same species as the bloated turkey found
on turkey farms. They are so radically different in appearance and

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