Re: Re: Re: Capitalism, Scarcity, MNT, and the Future
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 02:50:36 EST

I wrote

<< > Some years ago James Hogan wrote a novel which addressed this concept. I
> greatly impressed by it and think it has significant bearing on a MNT
> If memory serves it was entitle "Voyage to Tommorow" or something similar.
> The "currency" was respect and the commodity was creativity.

And your replied.

Interesting. Amazon doesn't list that title but they do list
"Voyage from Yesteryear".

Perhaps that was the title...

A brief synopsis (from memory)...a computerized , AI controlled, sublite
starship transits to Alpha Centurai from earth....the only "life" it carries
is germ plasm....prior to planet fall the "clones" are activated and raised by
the computer...a society is established on the planetary surface...robot
factories (robotipia?) meet every physical need...the only thing that
computers and robots CANNOT supply is creativity...

In that society a person innovates...or creates...and his creations can be
endlessly duplicated by the robot factories..and given away for the
asking....that person is "paid" ...given the "popularity" of his
creations...(be it poetry,novel..,automobile,...or rocking chair)..the more
who people avail themselves of it...the higher his esteem...

There is of course more... a lot the novel...but that's what
impressed me the most...and I think it has some relevance to a MNT Future.