Re: The Milliways Conundrum

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Fri, 30 Jan 1998 19:25:38 +0000

> From: Jeff Fabijanic <>


> And I guess that tells you where I stand on the omnivorous scale...

I frequently annoy certain veggiefanatics who say "if you ever saw an
animal butchered, you'd never eat meat again."

Because I look at them square in the face and say "I have personally
taken cute furry little bunnies from the pen where they were being
raised to the slaughter room, butchered them, hauled them up to the
kitchen, cooked them, and helped eat them."


It works on the flip side too. If I had any doubt about the
atrocities the federal government committed a few years ago at Waco,
the story that they were using tape recordings of rabbits being
"slaughtered" for psychological warfare would totally remove those

I know exactly what slaughtering a rabbit sounds like. It's almost

I also know what a screaming rabbit sounds like. THAT would be a
good psychological warfare tool. But in order to make rabbits
scream, you need to torture them (or at least make them think they
are being tortured). And torturing is not part of a competent
slaughtering operation. In fact it degrades the quality of the meat
(adrenaline or something changes the taste).

The federal government was playing tapes of someone TORTURING
US$500 fee for receipt of unsolicited commercial email. USC 47.5.II.227