Re: Dick Armey, science expert
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 21:32:59 EST

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<< Not trusting the US Food and Drug Administration to erect sufficient
barriers to the cloning of humans, House Majority Leader Richard
Armey (R-Tex) has announced his intention to puruse legislation to
make it a felony. (I will provide an update if the bill actually
makes it though House committee) Several religious organizations,
including the Family Research Council, the Catholic Bishops and the
Christian Coalition, also announced their support.

For those who might not fully understand how the technology works,
Rep. Armey explains: '...cloning is the way amoebas produce--it was
never intended for man.'

Produce WHAT, I wonder?

Kathryn Aegis

thats the good thing about other countries, where its legal. does anyone know
the status of that?