Re: Hemp

James Rogers (
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 23:06:01 -0800

At 01:37 AM 1/30/98 EST, EvMick wrote:
>When I was in Nebraska in the early and mid seventies this "ditchweed" was of
>some concern to the authorities...(it grew a weed). One day
>it was mentioned on the radio that the authorities had located a whole field
>of "killer weed" and was to begin the process of exceution forthwith. They
>were going to burn it. The location was mentioned...and the time.

When I lived in rural Nebraska from '85-'87 "ditchweed" (as it was indeed
called) was as abundant as ever. What I found really interesting was that
none of the locals collected or smoked it despite the fact that it grew
absolutely everywhere. However, people from the East and West coast would
frequently come out and harvest it, occasionally getting busted for their

-James Rogers