Re: Meat Eating

Anders Sandberg (
31 Jan 1998 01:10:35 +0100

Myra writes:

> You can probably imagine what happened when I left home for college and my
> diet became full of preservatives (institutional food, fast food,
> restaurant food). Yes, for almost two years I was unable to keep most food
> in my system and became a target for every flu and cold imaginable. A
> lesson I've never forgotten.

I don't think it was the preservatives. It sounds rather like a big
shift in food habits from a diet you were very used to to another diet
which was significantly different plus an environmental shift to an
environment where you presumably experienced a lot of stress and
infections from other people.

I think the dangers of preservatives are somewhat overstated. Sure,
there are unhealthy preservatives, but they are nothing compared to
the natural poisons in the plants we eat. Of course, this is heresy to
many :-)

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