The Milliways Conundrum

Jeff Fabijanic (
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 03:20:10 -0500

"den Otter" <> wrote:

>P.s: I would never eat a cow I know personally ;-)

Actually, that's exactly the kind I prefer to eat. Of course, I prefer to
eat the ones I don't get along with (when I was growing up, my bro and I
noticed that it was always the troublemaker steer that Dad decided we'd
keep for the family's freezer (he always denied this, of course ;) ).

Compared to what I am presented with in the grocer's, the livestock we
raised was better treated, the meat was leaner, more flavorful and healthy,
and I had a more direct experience of, and respect for, the eternal cycle
of life and death.

And I guess that tells you where I stand on the omnivorous scale...

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