Re: None of the Above

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 20:19:55 +0000

> From: Anton Sherwood <>

> Warrl writes
> : (... I somewhat favor a
> : system where if "none of the above" wins, you get what the people
> : voted for and skip the hassle and expense of a new election. I
> : also want the government to be small enough that doing without
> : any arbitrary elected official for a term would be no big deal.)
> Make a rule that if NOTA is elected to a legislature it always votes No,
> and if NOTA is elected president/governor it vetoes all legislation.

This could be a horrible obstacle to de-regulators.

But at least for now it would be good. I'd like to add that each
legislative NOTA would be assigned a proportionate number of
committee and subcommittee memberships (and chairmanships -- which
could be interesting) based on the number of consecutive terms that
district had elected NOTA; and that NOTA would always be presumed to
be present for purposes of establishing a quorum.

Eventually I'd like to see things reach a point where NOTA is
frequently the only candidate in a legislative race, because the
government -- local, state, or national -- is so unimportant that
nobody in a district thinks it's worth their while.

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