Re: Agricultural Skyscrapers

Prof. Gomes (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 18:38:47

At 12:12 28/01/98 -0800, you wrote:
>If anyone has pointed this out, I've missed it. Area to support plants
>is not the only limitation; sunlight, or energy, is equally important.
>The Earth intercepts only so much sunlight. A skyscraper won't change
>that. It casts an area in shadow, and piles up an equivalent area. The
>benefit is that you get climate control; the drawback is that you have
>to build the building. That's it. Agri-Manhattan can't grow much more
>than it could as a conventional farm. What would the extra plants grow

But certain areas really do not need so much light... and if the 'thing' is
well planned...
Do you know how much energy is spent in air-conditioning ( refrigeration)
in tropical zones ???
A good shadow is sometimes v'ry wellcome.... and we save earth's surface...

Great idea...>>> urban agriculture skyscrapers....