Re: Agricultural Skyscrapers

Jeff Fabijanic (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 13:34:10 -0500

Michael Lorrey <> wrote:

>However, my story is an excellent example of how government takes good
>ideas an
>royally fucks them up so that the policies that are suppose to attain
>those ideas
>actually impede them.

Interesting story! Checking out your site now. A question for you - How do
you think your technology would have fared in a market without any gov't
subsidies? Why wouldn't the short-sight human nature to buy cheapest now,
instead of cheapest long-term been even more strongly expressed?

EvMick writes:

>Agricultural skyscrapers is all very nice...unless you've worked in the
>agricultural business in the past...then it seems awfully impracticle.
>Consider all that's involved in ......wheat production for
>instance....planting, growing (weeding, feeding, watering), harvesting.

You're right about city-based wheat farming being untenable - But don't
think grains - think produce. That's where people spend most of their food
$$$. Small-scale veg farming is quite attainable -m(b)illions do it all the