Goddard's Metaphysics

M. E. Smith (mesmith@rocketmail.com)
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 09:38:42 -0800 (PST)

A few days ago, Ian Goddard posted on the Extropy
mailing list a short message encouraging people to
visit his web site concerning "zero mechanics".

That was fine; little bandwidth was used, and I
actually did visit his web site. While I had "mixed
feelings" about it, I wasn't sufficiently moved to
e-mail him, much less post a message to the Entropy

However, more recently Ian continues to post the
contents of his web site to this list. I was
sufficiently annoyed to write a review of his web
site in which I point out the mathematical sloppiness
he and Frank Wiley employ to "prove" that infinity
equals zero, and comment on his preposterous theory
that gravity is due to thermal radiation, among other

After writing it, I felt better, and in my less
emotional state, it occurred to me that my review
could also be construed as a waste of the Extropy
list's bandwidth. Therefore, rather than posting it
here, I provide the following link to it:


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