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Wed, 28 Jan 1998 14:21:36

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>2. His lying is distasteful. -- Unhealthy problem.
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Some say United States society is an example of freedom. We know it is NOT
true !
Although there are some persons with real free and evoluted ideas...

And Clinton knows that !

A simple affair with a "disloyal"chick could be used
by his oppositors to lead the low-minded "oaks", pseudo-moralists, against

It isw also true that the moralists are not the majority... but the
unconscious undecideds (or vacillatings) are...and these "go with the
wind"... who blows stronger ????

What would YOU have done in his place ???

Jesus "christ", in whom some (say that) believe ( including the
"moralists"), said once "Who will
throw the first stone ???" or much "worse": "the law was made to the men...
not the men to the law..."

Just asking....