Re: Agricultural Skyscrapers

Wed, 28 Jan 1998 03:46:01 EST

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<< Don't think of it as a cow, think of it as a "mobile cereal
compression/archive device." (one that happens to be mighty tasty if
you marinate it just right and then toss it onto the bbq :) The food
problem you allude to is not one of production but of distribution.
It costs too much to move the grain to where it is needed. We are
much better at growing food than we are at processing and
distributing it; we are so good at it that we have to pay people not
to grow food to prevent over-production. All of those resources go
into producing meat because the animal converts the grain into a much
denser package which is easier to transport. The conversion is not
even close to 100% efficient, but it is cheaper than piling the grain
up at the elevator and then watching it rot.

isnt the reason the south american rainforests are getting burned is to make
room for cows? And they eat up the resources (fertilized soil from ash, to
grow grazing grass) in a few years and then they have to burn more forest?