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Tue, 27 Jan 1998 22:38:34 EST

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> Stock market is down....dollar is weak....

Pardon? I thought the market and dollar are UP.

Story I heard on the radio on one of those "MoneyTalk" talk shows was that
things were in a bit of turmoil due to zippergate. I heard that the dollar
was soft on the overseas market and that the stock market was down several
hundred points attributed to our boy. I've not been able to acces the net for
several days now so I can only go by archaic means of communication available
to me....sorry if it's innacurate.

And I think that, being a multitrillion dollar entity...and my experience in
the lag time between investment in a small business and when it FINALLY begins
to make money...that Ronal Regan deserves more credit for the current state of
the economy than does slick willy.