Re: Gov't loves gov't

Tony Hollick (
Tue, 27 Jan 98 18:08 GMT0

>> From: "Michael M. Butler" <butler@comp*>

>> Also a country where they celebrate a double-edged patsy-terrorist by
>> blowing up fireworks and singing ambiguous songs about blowing up Parliament.
>> Of course, they burn Guy Fawkes in effigy too, now don't they?

> I asked a British friend if they burned Mr. Fawkes in effigy to
> denounce his intentions...
> or to bemoan his incompetence.
> He thought it was an interesting question, but didn't answer.

At the 'Freedom Association' in 1979, when I worked there, the
Research Chief had a poster on his Office wall:

It showed a caped Guy Fawkes with cherry-bomb, and carried the legend:

"Guy Fawkes: the only man to enter Parliament with honest intentions"

According to founder Brian Crozier's later-published autobiography
'Free Agent', the 'Freedom Association' was a joint MI6/CIA project...

Both organizations had and have _extensive_ experience in
overthrowing unloved governments... >:-}