Re: Re: Agricultural Skyscrapers

EvMick (
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 11:28:00 EST

Regarding the worry and concern of cheap food.

Please explain why for several decades and currently the Government is
involved in PRICE SUPPORT? In a free market given todays technology the cost
of agricultural products would be much less than it currently is...else why
the current price support structure?

Also...we're no where near being short on land...I drive across Arizona, New
Mexico, Nevada etc about once a weekly lately...theres LOTS of open land out
there..some places it's a hundred miles between habitations...(desert)
....just needs a little water is all...seems a pipeline system from say...the
great lakes? would be money better spent than veggie high rises.

Agricultural skyscrapers is all very nice...unless you've worked in the
agricultural business in the past...then it seems awfully impracticle.
Consider all that's involved in ......wheat production for
instance....planting, growing (weeding, feeding, watering), harvesting.

I currently have two John Deere on my trailer, enroute to California. Big to plow square miles per day. It'd take SOME skyscraper to
match the surface area these guys can cover....and then after the harvest
..(harvest is a messy business) gonna process the wheat in the middle of
the city?

I encounter a multitude of silly rules designed to keep machinery (my truck)
OUT of cities...I don't think that mindset is gonna change any time soon.

I'm NOT saying it COULDN'T happen...I just think it unlikely given the infra
structure changes need and the less than obvious benefits...(and I think if it'd be a pyramid...perhaps a MONSTER arcology) the way...with an increase in CO2 content in the air...farming becomes
more effecient...less land needed for more crops....(lets hear it for Global

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