Re: Agricultural Skyscrapers

S.J. Van Sickle (
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 10:06:18 +0000

> You mean halogen lightbulbs? I don't know about the situation in the
> US, but here in Sweden they are actively pushed by the electricity
> companies (yes, our electricity companies try to make us consume less
> electricity, and the liquor monopoly does it best to discourage
> drinking. Sweden is fantastic :-).

U.S. electric companies are very active in encouraging conservation
as well, for very valid economic reasons. Conservation over the last
2 decades has enabled most of the industry to avoid building new base
capacity, an *extremely* expensive proposition. Since they are a
regulated monopoly, and prices are set by government bureaucrats, it
can be very difficult to recover these capital costs. These facts,
by the way, are the reason nuclear power is considered "uneconomic"
in this country, not anything inherent to nuclear technology.

Liquor companies, on the other hand.....