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> << Isn't it blindingly obvious that any major advance in energy production,
> which would instantly make a millionaire out of the first guy to get to
> the patent office, can't possibly be "supressed" by anyone, and the
> larger the corporation, the /less/ likely it is that there will be leaks.
> Hell, Texaco couldn't even keep secret that one of their executives
> referred to black employees as "black jelly beans". >>
> i dont think its a secret, ive heard that oil companies have bought and hold
> dozens of patents for alternatives that would make things better for us, but
> make the oil companies lose money, and the same for the car companies, with
> alternative engines etc... Ill try and find some examples... as for the
> light bulbs, i read an article on it.

I've heard numerous stories along this line.

There is one essential fact:

**ALL** US patents are a matter of public record unless **THE US
GOVERNMENT** has stepped in and classified them.

If you hear a story about an oil company suppressing a patent for a
highly efficient engine, there are three possibilities:

(1) the story is true, the patent is on file and publically
accessible, and someone should produce the patent number so that
anyone can confirm the story -- failure to do so is careless

(2) the story is true and THE US GOVERNMENT -- not an oil company --
is suppressing it.

(3) the story is false, at least to the extent that no such device
was patented.

Considering that the first such story I heard was from my father and
alleged that the high-performance high-mileage engine was developed
in the early 1960s, I am quite certain that at least some of these
patents (if they ever existed) have expired by now. They would still
be on file and it would now be legal for anyone to start producing
them without any licensing requirements or royalties.

There's another twist to that. It was a standing joke in the Soviet
Union that said country's greatest inventor was Comrade Reguspatoff.
If you wonder at the joke, let me add a bit of punctuation to the
comrade's name:
Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.
If such super-engines, super-carburetors, etc. were on file with the
US patent office, we *would* see them in Soviet-made military

We don't.

Unless you assume that the global news media are also in on this
conspiracy to keep these things from us.
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