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Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 19:39:28 -0500

Michael M. Butler wrote:

> A high five to Natasha for her three salient points.
> <pseudo-conspiracy-rant mode on>
> READ MY BITS, "NSA-CIA-How's your police state run today"--and a big HELLO
> to aaaaall those lovely Inslaw shareware supporters out there in the 'net
> who may just be tuning in now...
> Buying off a witness is not what the good guys do. Absent principle,
> someone who purports to be a "leader" of a "free world" has only got the
> slop bucket and the slaughterhouse. I am fortunate to be able to say that
> neither move me as much as my principle moves me; I don't claim it makes me
> fundamentally superior to others with different priorities. But if such a
> person is found out while in office, the rules say they get removed from
> the game. Let's do _that_ the lawful way, shall we?
> <mockery mode on>
> Hey Hillary! If it takes a village, I nominate your husband's penis for
> village idiot.

As Leno suggested, the title of her next book will be "It Takes a Village to Keep
an Eye On My Husband"

Today, the White House was complaining that all of these sexual scandals are
interfering with Clinton's ability to govern the country. I have just one
question and a statement in response:

Why didn't you think of that BEFORE you unzipped?

and: If its such a problem, theres an easy answer: RESIGN!

> Let's see if we have a mandate for _that_. Hmm, what is the etymological
> root of the word "dork"?

The root of the word dork is that it is meant to describe someone who tries to
open doors in the wrong direction.

> PO: Let's not impeach him, let's just pass a "white Kryptonite" federal law
> that removes all his powers until he steps down. Hmmm. Or he has to wear a
> dunce cap except in his sleeping quarters as long as he remains in office.
> Or a law that enforces a novelty condom cap portrait shot required during
> every photo op. Heck, how about anyone that lets the Secret Service pat
> them down gets to pie him or pants him?
> Let's find a new way, every day, to mock Slick Willie until he wilts!
> ...IF he deserves it.

This weekend I saw "Wag the Dog" and I was just STUNNED by the parallels to the
current story. Keep your hats on and get out your New World Order detectors when
we start bombing Albania..... ;)

If the current scandal IS manufactured, I give them a big aesthetic thumbs down
for complete unoriginality in that they are reduced to stealing the plot of a

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