Re: Agricultural Skyscrapers

Anders Sandberg (
26 Jan 1998 23:14:05 +0100 writes:

> Also i heard that they have very bright and inexpensive light bulbs (and grow
> lights) that dont go out that require not very much electricity but the light
> companies are supressing it, kinna like the way oil companies supress
> alternative energy devices.

You mean halogen lightbulbs? I don't know about the situation in the
US, but here in Sweden they are actively pushed by the electricity
companies (yes, our electricity companies try to make us consume less
electricity, and the liquor monopoly does it best to discourage
drinking. Sweden is fantastic :-).

As for hydroponics, yes, electric light would do with the right kind
of illumination. No need for skyscrapers: Genetic Engineering News had
an article in March 15 1995 about growing plants in an underground
mine, with very positive results.

With enough energy, most things are possible. Sunlight is nice because
it is so available in most places (i.e. everywhere but Sweden :-) - I
really like the idea of skyscrapers with glass walls facing the south,
filled with greenery. The hydroponics could be grown in trellises
between the outer wall and an inner, thinner glass wall with
apartments on the inside. That way you could get both sunlight,
greenery and climate control.

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