Re: Agricultural Skyscrapers
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 16:50:16 EST

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<< > When we
> have the technology to do so, it will make more sense to carry out
> agriculture right in the city, in tall buildings; layers and layers of
> dense agricultural production. Stacking the layers up, instead of only
> using one layer as we do now, will mean we can produce more food using
> less land space.

Note that the buildings need to avoid shadow; this limits their use in
many dense city settings. In many ways it is a situation similar to a
forest, where trees compete for sunlight.

Also i heard that they have very bright and inexpensive light bulbs (and grow
lights) that dont go out that require not very much electricity but the light
companies are supressing it, kinna like the way oil companies supress
alternative energy devices.

also you could have muliple layer of plants on each level