Re: Gov't Loves Gov't
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 05:26:23 -0800 (PST)

Charlie wrote:
>In the UK. A country where the nearest thing to a libertarian politician
>ever to gain power was fairly regulary burned in effigy

Uh, Thatcher was a hell of a long way from a libertarian; she raised taxes
while claiming to reduce them, increased government centralisation while
claiming to want to reduce government power, not to mention railroading the
'Ugly Guns Ban' of 1988 through Parliament. While she was able to take
an economic basket-case and turn it into a reasonably functioning economy,
so did Hitler.

So certainly more libertarian than Callaghan or Tony Benn, but nowhere near
as libertarian as many nineteenth century politicians.

> until she resigned.

I thought Major was voted in to replace her.

>(Clue: the whole world doesn't work the same way as your back yard, or mine.)

Yes it does; the people who were burning her effigy were the ones who
were no longer able to skive off at work or live off my taxes, the
same kind of people who have been protesting in France and other
socialist nations. America just hasn't yet gone as far down the socialist
road, so there's less resistance from those outside the government who
benefit from legitimized theft.

And if the people really disliked her that much, why did 40-45% of them
keep voting for her?